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The very first time I wrote a chapter in a collaborative book, I learned about the “big red pen,” as I came to lovingly call Danielle. It felt jarring at first to have all I poured out come back with corrections or suggestions, but after three chapters in collaborative books, I was so excited to see what editing would bring in my own book. Danielle has a wonderful way of understanding how to keep an author focused on what their message is. She actually asked this going in and then kept me on track. It was difficult, but I learned to love and respect her incredible talents and know it made my book so much better.

Alison Perry-Davies

Author, The Art of Healing Trauma

Oct 5, 2021


Below is a sample of some of the projects I have worked on. This is not a complete list; I have instead tried to highlight some of the different topics and styles of publication I have experience with. If would like to know if I have edited a specific topic before, please contact me.

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